Lab News


June: Stephanie Hooker defended her dissertation.

July: Stephanie Hooker started internship at Rush University Medical Center.

August: Megan McGugan got married.

September: Lacey Clement and Kaile Ross successfully proposed their dissertations. Lacey’s is titled“Existential Factors Influencing End-of-Life Treatment Decision Making: The Role of Death Anxiety and Meaning in Life in Choosing to Receive Destination Therapy Left Ventricular Assist Device in Advanced Heart Failure Patients.”

October: Stephanie Hooker’s and Christina Rush’s abstracts were accepted for the upcoming 2017 Society of Behavioral Medicine conference in San Diego, CA.

October: Megan McGugan successfully proposed her dissertation: “Prayer and Sleep’s Effects on Cardiovascular Reactivity and Self-Regulation Among Christians.”

December: Dr. Masters served as co-chair on a program committee at the International Congress of Behavioral Medicine in Melbourne, Australia, and led a discussion with other journal editors on publication policies and practices and presented research.