Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Masters will consider PhD applicants for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Below is a list of characteristics of a competitive applicant. These are not requirements or strict criteria, but qualities of an ideal applicant.

Ideal Graduate Student Candidates

  • Research experience that includes data analysis and evidence of independent contributions (authored abstracts or manuscripts)

  • Interest in integrating both clinical and research activities into their training program

  • Interest in behavioral medicine/health psychology

  • Interest in religion, spirituality, meaning, and cardiovascular health

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Gaining research experience during college is highly recommended for anyone considering graduate school. Dr. Masters typically accepts research assistants into the lab at the start of each semester. There are opportunities for positions as independent study and as a volunteer; however, the positions are limited.

Please read more below about these positions in the CaLM Lab. To learn more about research opportunities in the Department of Psychology, contact Dr. Lindsey Hamilton (

Undergraduate Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Requirements vary based on the specific research project but dependability, conscientiousness, curiosity, and a driving interest in the research are necessities.

  • 3.5 undergraduate GPA

  • Assisting in study development and design, recruiting participants, data management.

Reasons for Undergraduates to Join

  • Looking for hands-on research experience

  • Wanting to learn about graduate school in clinical psychology or related discipline

To Find Out More: Email Dr. Masters at